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Western Railroad Discussion > 4141 parts to 1995?

Date: 04/07/21 23:54
4141 parts to 1995?
Author: k27463

I received word from who I consider a fairly reliable source within the railroad industry that 4141's removed electronics and prime mover were used to repair UP 1995.  Factors cited were the lack of availability of SD70ACe parts and the conveniently available parts from 4141, which was gutted in Texas (near where 1995 has sat for the last year.)

Can anyone confirm this theory?  It seems reasonable to me after the recent reappearance of 1995.

Date: 04/08/21 06:02
Re: 4141 parts to 1995?
Author: BNSF6400

The Union Pacific may have done just that.  They removed the components from 4141 for a reason, so they could be reused to repair other locomotives.  However, I seriously doubt that there is a lack of availability for SD70ACE parts UNLESS its a short term shortage due to Covid related supply issues.  The SD70ACE is still being produced and its that old.  There are a lot of them out there, so obviously replacement parts are still in demand.

Date: 04/08/21 11:18
Re: 4141 parts to 1995?
Author: krm152

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