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Date: 08/01/21 15:25
A few more SF Muni pix
Author: jbwest

A few weeks ago I posted some pix of my recent explorations of San Francisco chasing street cars.  I was a bit surprised by how much discussion it generated about my hometown.  That thread can be found here:  
I was back at it last Friday and want to add a few more pix.  A friend and I spent a few hours around Ferry Plaza looking for car 1051 to photograph, which is the PCC in Muni's green and cream livery, sort of a native son among the many cars with liverys for other cities that used PCC's. First  up is a picture of 1051 in its green and cream finery, then a shot up Market Street of an inbound car headed for the Ferry Building, and finally an outbound car headed west on Market Street.  In the last picture the building on the right is the former headquarters of Southern Paciific, my one time employer.  While the building has been "repurposed", the faux stonework over the main entrance still proudly proclaims "Southern Pacific Company".


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Date: 08/01/21 21:59
Re: A few more SF Muni pix
Author: cchan006

This reminds me of the pre-MUNI subway Market St. I learned to enjoy decades ago. Your hunting down 1051 was worth it for me. Thanks for posting these.

Date: 08/02/21 02:33
Re: A few more SF Muni pix
Author: bobwilcox

It's nice to visit One Market Plaza after 32 years.

Bob Wilcox
Charlottesville, VA
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Date: 08/02/21 04:47
Re: A few more SF Muni pix
Author: atsf121

Great photos! I need to figure out a trip home, with a visit to The City.

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Date: 08/03/21 16:10
Re: A few more SF Muni pix
Author: ns1000

Nice pics!!

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