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Date: 08/02/21 15:52
Al Chione
Author: retcsxcfm

I need to contact him,any help please.

Uncle Joe

Date: 08/02/21 17:17
Re: Al Chione
Author: robj

retcsxcfm Wrote:
> I need to contact him,any help please.
> Uncle Joe

Found this with Google rather than T/o search.

Bob Jordan

As an aside you be surprise what you find, curiosity I google a girl at an Amateur championship I caddied for in 1969 and an Ebay photo turned up, a publicity shot for that exact tournament.
Couple of us were talking about who we carried for back then, they got the best players, I got the hottest one.  LOL


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Date: 08/03/21 09:15
Re: Al Chione
Author: Texican65

I tried getting him 6-8 months ago and never could. Good luck!

Posted from iPhone

Date: 08/03/21 10:54
Re: Al Chione
Author: WAF

Is he still with us?

Date: 08/03/21 20:14
Re: Al Chione
Author: NDHolmes

I'm pretty sure Al's still around.  I haven't talked to him personally since the fall of 2018, but I haven't heard of anything bad befalling him since either.  Check your PMs - I'll send you the latest email addr I have for him.

Date: 08/04/21 00:36
Re: Al Chione
Author: SLORailfanning

Al is still around, pretty sure I saw him in Durango in June.

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