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Date: 01/06/22 11:10
The Freon Flyer
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Today's Freon Flyer, the weekly 10 mile round trip from UP's
ex SSW Tyler Tx yard to the Trane A/C plant - this is ex MOP trackage.

Trane runs 3 shifts, around the clock.

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Date: 01/06/22 13:28
Re: The Freon Flyer
Author: SGillings

Pretty enthusiastic railfan on the left.


Date: 01/06/22 14:26
Re: The Freon Flyer
Author: krm152

Definitely like the video.  The "railfan" does add a dimension.

Date: 01/07/22 06:45
Re: The Freon Flyer
Author: BigDave

He's even wearing UP Yellow!

Date: 01/07/22 07:24
Re: The Freon Flyer
Author: dan

mgmt doing a banner test

Date: 01/08/22 08:31
Re: The Freon Flyer
Author: RRBMail

Definitely my vote for Video of the Year!

Date: 01/08/22 10:45
Re: The Freon Flyer
Author: spdaylight

First time I've seen new UP mascot trackside. . . if he is that excited about a local, he'll do nutz if he's trackside for 4014!


Date: 01/08/22 12:06
Re: The Freon Flyer
Author: bearease

Don't we all feel a little like that when we see a train?

Best video EVER!

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