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Date: 01/13/22 22:48
Tehachapi open
Author: cajon

Looks like UP is moving there Z trains
trains from Ansel and Obain to Mojave around 10:40 pm. No BNSF moving yet.

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Date: 01/13/22 23:30
Re: Tehachapi open
Author: cajon

The south (east) trains at Woodfort and Rowen on the move 11;30 pm.

Date: 01/14/22 08:21
Re: Tehachapi open
Author: mapboy

First train thru after the derailment was northbound, by the Tehachapi Depot railcam this morning at 00:40, by Cable railcam at 00:56, UP ZLCBR-13.  It was followed by the UPZLCLT-13 at 01:25 (01:42 at Cable railcam).  Then two BNSF northbound Zs followed, then the first southbound, a BNSF manifest at 03:41.  It went  by Cable railcam at 03:21.


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