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Date: 01/27/22 11:44
Well Illuminated Clutter
Author: MacBeau

Ono Grande is definitely not the most scenic location on the Cajon Sub, as this six unit, one-hundred car eastbound framed in reasonably good light yesterday evening so graphically illustrated.    
Be of good cheer,

Date: 01/27/22 13:03
Re: Well Illuminated Clutter
Author: texchief1

Neat shot, Mac!

RC Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 01/28/22 04:32
Re: Well Illuminated Clutter
Author: robj

Interesting, something we week to avoid or... but work it in.


Date: 01/28/22 08:42
Re: Well Illuminated Clutter
Author: espee4ever

Nice light, the school bus is a nice addition to the image as well. Well done, Sir!

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