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Date: 08/05/22 09:53
Almanor Overpass
Author: icancmp193

On the 26th of July, TO member billmeeker posted an excellent drone shot of a northbound BNSF Gateway Sub train crossing Highway 89 at the Hollenbeck Loops just south of Almanor.
It now appears that BNSF is doing some extensive work on the overpass, with concrete forms and re-bar being placed to apparently re-pour the supports. There is a short highway traffic stop through the overpass area.

This overpass dates back to the original construction of the WP Highline and has taken a beating over the years from trains above and too-tall trucks below. When the BNSF took over the Gateway Sub in 1998 (from the UP) they added some steel support beams on top parallel to the tracks. The new construction looks more permanent. Can new concrete be bonded to old concrete?


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Date: 08/05/22 10:10
Re: Almanor Overpass
Author: billmeeker

Hope they keep the "Western Pacific" lettering on the concrete overpass.  There are very few bridges left that still say Western Pacific.  I can think of at least four:

1.  Between Almanor and Greenville on the BNSF (the subject of this thread).
2.  The barely-visible lettering on the eastbound I-580 overpass on Altamont Pass.
3.  The Highway 49 overpass near Chilcoot.
4.  The old highway overpass near Clifside on Silver Zone Pass.

Are there others?

Date: 08/05/22 16:22
Re: Almanor Overpass
Author: DaveL

Hmmmm, My (not too dependable memory) says there one very similar to Hwy 89 just south of Doyle, CA.

I think.....


Date: 08/05/22 16:36
Re: Almanor Overpass
Author: ble692

Surviving bridges with "Western Pacific" or "WPRR" that I can come up with:

1) Fremont, CA - Mission Blvd abandoned UP Milpitas Sub
2) Pleasanton, CA - Pleasanton Sunol Rd milepost 38.71 Oakland Sub
3) Altamont, CA - Altamont Pass Rd milepost 56.97 Oakland Sub
4) Altamont, CA - Eastbound I-580 milepost 58.92 Oakland Sub
5) Rio Oso, CA - Rio Oso Rd milepost 165.5 Sacramento Sub
6) Marysville, CA - 14th St milepost 179.56 Sacramento Sub
7) Oroville, CA - Lincoln St milepost 204.73 Canyon Sub
8) Near Greenville, CA - CA 89 milepost 181.x BNSF Gateway Sub
9) Chilcoot, CA - CA 49 milepost 337.46 Winnemucca Sub
10) Doyle, CA - former US 395 alignment milepost 361.39 Winnemucca Sub (pictures below)
11) Silver Zone, NV - former US 40 alignment milepost 782.2 Winnemucca Sub
12) Near Low, UT ??? - former US 40 alignment milepost 868.97 Shafter Sub

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