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Date: 11/22/22 20:10
Stopping on a green
Author: route56

A typical Uncle Pete coal train delivers a short story. 

While heading out to see if there was anything moving on the Union Pacific tracks, I noticed an eastbound coal train heading through North Lawrence. My initial plan was to head west to Perry, but since this eastbound was already hear, I instead turned east and headed to Linwood.

I managed to outrun the train to Linwood and got there with plenty of time. I noticed that the eastbound control signal at the east end of the Linwood siding was showing green on main 1.

1. And here is that coal train, led by AC44s 7121 and 5738. I noticed that the train was creeping along until...

2. The train came to a stop short of the signal bridge on Main 1. Why in the heck did this train stop when it appears that the DS had cleared him to proceed?

I didn't notice right away, but the Conductor disembarked and approached me. We exchanged "How's it going," to which he commented, "We were going, but now we're not."

3: Soon, two things occurred: the train started moving again, and a minimally-marked Chevy Silverado came up to the conductor. 

My best guess as to why the train was stopped is: A defect detector was tripped, requiring the conductor to make a visual inspection. Fortunately, the crew with the Silverado was in the area. After the train had passed, the Silverado headed out, presumably to take the conductor back to the head end of his train, then eventually returned to whatever work they were doing near the Linwood siding.

Photos were taken on November 20, 2022.

Thanks for looking,


Richie Kennedy
Lawrence, KS

Date: 11/23/22 06:34
Re: Stopping on a green
Author: texchief1

Really like 2nd shot!

RC Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 11/23/22 09:16
Re: Stopping on a green
Author: bmarti7

Nice catch and coverage Richie.


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