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Western Railroad Discussion > Mountain Home Idaho ?

Date: 11/23/22 10:07
Mountain Home Idaho ?
Author: JAmtrak

 A friend of mine just moved to Mountain Home, Idaho. He sees tank cars and wants to know what the railroad typically hauls in the region and is it a waypoint between what destinations, in general. TIA/ AIA/ KFC

Date: 11/23/22 10:22
Re: Mountain Home Idaho ?
Author: Pacific5th

Be UP down there. 

Date: 11/23/22 11:00
Re: Mountain Home Idaho ?
Author: SCAX3401

That would be the Union Pacific's Nampa Sub that passes thru Mountain Home, Idaho.  Its the primary UP route between the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest.  This line will see all kinds of freight, including plenty of intermodal trains, unit grain trains and regular manifest trains.  There might be unit ethanol trains (all tank cars) as well.  Local traffic will probably be all agricultural in nature. 

Date: 11/23/22 13:12
Re: Mountain Home Idaho ?
Author: FiestaFoamer

Lots of tank cars going to and from Pocatello, typically in train on manifests -- anhydrous ammonia, molten sulfur, etc. My understanding is that a lot of these are necessary for the big fertilizer plants around Pocatello. The long strings of the sulfur tank cars (they are shorter and say molten sulfur on the side) come down out of Canada off the CP, not sure exactly from where in Canada, though. 


Date: 11/24/22 09:57
Re: Mountain Home Idaho ?
Author: wyeth

The MPDOG and MOGPD (I'm only guessing these symbols are still current, they used to be MHKRO and MROHK trains) between the PNW and Salt Lake City are also heavy with tank cars.

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