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Date: 11/23/22 15:19
a welcome diversion
Author: santafe199

Why do we always wait until the last minute to go pick up those last few items needed for Thanksgiving Day dinner? And why does everybody else in town choose the same exact time to run down to the grocery store for the exact same reason? And why do they keep enacting that dang law that says everyone on the day before Thanksgiving shall drive no faster than 10 MPH anywhere in town??? But I outfoxed ‘em this year, brother! I literally willed the railfan gods to send me a phone call with news that a train was about to head through the very downtown area I was already in. And it worked! Even though I had a back-up plan in case the call didn’t come in: I was gonna make that call myself, and reverse the charges.

So instead of playing Demolition Derby among the shopping carts I went forth and shot myself a pre-Turkey Day train. On the way back to town I devised an ingenious plan to not get trapped by a grocery store full of desperate FGCDs (Feminine Grocery Cart Drivers). After all, everybody knows that the most dangerous driver in the world is a woman. Behind a shopping cart. With a fist full of coupons. My plan was simple: I would get a death grip on my cart and jog as fast as I could around the store! I wouldn’t even signal before changing lanes! And I pulled it off beautifully!!! I managed to pick up a gallon of milk and 4 -count ‘em FOUR- other items and was back out of the store in under 45 minutes. A runaway success, if ya ask me... ;^)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here’s that diversion:

1. UP 6561 is eastbound with empty autoracks at our go-to spot called Swamp Angel on the east side of Manhattan, KS.

2. The 6561 + entourage is about to pass under US hwy 24 just west of Belvue, KS.

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Date: 11/23/22 15:21
Re: a welcome diversion
Author: santafe199

One more, for the dangerous grocery store road ahead...

3. Looking west from the N 1st St crossing my blessed diversion is now coming at me over N 2nd St in St Marys, KS...
Diversion success was had on November 23, 2022.

Thankful for another lame excuse to go slay another few zillion pixels... :^)
Lance Garrels

Date: 11/23/22 20:13
Re: a welcome diversion
Author: SpringedSwitch

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sir!

Date: 11/24/22 02:02
Re: a welcome diversion
Author: santafe199

SpringedSwitch Wrote: > ...  Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sir!

And to you as well! I had to poke some fun at the usual "day-before-Turkey Day-grocerey-madness". And that bit about the ladies in grocery stores is no bull-honky. Let's put it this way: I've never been crashed into by a MAN behind a shopping cart... ;^)

Mario Andretti

Date: 11/24/22 07:46
Re: a welcome diversion
Author: texchief1

Nice shots, Lance!  No.3 is a winner.  Happy Thanksgiving.

RC Lundgren

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