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Date: 03/11/23 09:36
The Backwards Santa Fe
Author: HomerBedloe

Wooden axle railroad?  Nah, something completely different but you’ll have to watch the video.

EB Texrail train leaving T&P Station in south downtown Ft. Worth.  To the right, a look under the I-30 supports at the signals protecting the Tower 55 crossing.  Of course, the tower was recently demolished, so all you now have is an at grade crossing under a freeway.

To the left, the old Santa Fe depot and offices.  As you come around the curve, the old yard master tower is still visible, although it has been vacant for a long time.  The blue-ish green high-rise behind the red and white crane is the building that used to house BN’s corporate headquarters, before moving to the North Ft. Worth “campus”.

You can figure out the rest from here. If you can’t, then maybe you need to attend the university that generated the title.

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Date: 03/11/23 10:36
Re: The Backwards Santa Fe
Author: bmarti7

Interesting video and narrative. Thanks.


Date: 03/11/23 10:57
Re: The Backwards Santa Fe
Author: pbouzide

So different now from when you were able to simply walk to the T55 junction and diamonds from your downtown Fort Worth hotel. 

Date: 03/13/23 16:21
Re: The Backwards Santa Fe
Author: RSD5

WTF is he talking about? 

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