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Date: 05/24/04 17:30
My Night Photo Submission
Author: fjc

Signal & Moon, a favorite of mine.

Date: 05/24/04 17:31
My Night Photo Submission - Photo 2
Author: fjc

Caltrain MP15DC at South San Francisco as a plug slides by in the night.

Date: 05/24/04 17:32
My Night Photo Submission - Photo 3
Author: fjc

Caltrain GP9 at South San Francisco, exhuast is real.

Date: 05/24/04 17:34
My Night Photo Submission - Photo 4
Author: fjc

Caltrain GP9 pokes it's nose out of the weeds on the Baden Branch in South San Francisco, CA.

Date: 05/25/04 04:45
Re: My Night Photo Submission - Photo 4
Author: funnelfan

Great stuff Frank! I like your #3 the best. You along with schmo and cimascrambler are going to give me a real run for my money ;^) I'm waiting till later in the week to post the rest of my goodies.

Ted Curphey

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