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Date: 06/10/05 11:57
BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: cewherry

Not strictly a Western RR topic; but I am wondering if other BNSF employee members of TO's are having difficulty accessing the Employee Portal website? It's been kinda like playing a slot machine at Vegas. You just keep entering your access numbers and 25 or so out of 26 times you get "Authentication Failed Try Again" then all of a sudden it lets you in. Another problem with the 'new' look is that you can't email through Portal unless you have a BNSF email address. Any help out there?


Date: 06/10/05 12:25
Re: BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: BNSFhogger

Charlie, I have had the same problem. I was wondering if I had been banned from the site for some reason.

Date: 06/10/05 12:27
Re: BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: TheButcherofBena

Used it yesterday with no problems; now I'm experiencing the same problem you are. Have you tried calling support?

Date: 06/10/05 13:50
Re: BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: xsphogger

To cewherry. Ran into your brother last Saturday at the Pasadena Whistle Stop. He said he is on his "second career". Do you miss Temple City, Cerritos, or Ft. Scott?

Date: 06/10/05 23:20
Re: BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: Pinlifter

Can't access it here either. Must be a BIG BNSF problem.

Date: 06/11/05 09:43
Re: BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: HoggerMatt

Works somedays, and somedays it wants to have issuses. It is obviously on the company's end. I can get it to work today, couldn't yesterday.

Date: 02/26/14 04:17
Re: BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: AFHT

Same here in Fresno. Can't get it to work. It really sucks not being able to plan my day....

Date: 02/26/14 05:58
Re: BNSF's Employee Portal
Author: Pinlifter

Go the old way.. BNSF.com/emu

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