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Date: 11/01/01 14:14
Bombardier lozenge cars
Author: bobgh

Does anyone know why the Bombardier lozenge cars as used on ACE are shaped the way they are? It seems to me that they don't use space as efficiently as conventional two level commute cars.


Date: 11/01/01 16:33
RE: Bombardier lozenge cars
Author: run8

The space is used efficiently, as the number of available seats exceeds that of other bi-level cars.

The reason for the shape is that the design can be easily modified for high level platforms by installing side doors on the intermediate level, over the trucks. Doors can also be provided on both levels where mixed high platform/low platform operation is needed.

A pantograph can be also be installed over the lower level of the roof line at each end for electrified operations.

Date: 11/01/01 19:50
RE: Bombardier lozenge cars
Author: BarryDraper

Interesting. I know that Bombardier makes electric MU cars, but all that they list have a more conventional shape. Do you have inside information that Bombardier is offering the 'lozenge' car as a self propeled version? They don't say anything about it on their website. I'll have to talk to by own 'inside source' about this.
What I do know is that the 'lozenge' cars were designed for GO Transit, and the other transit agencies basically bought an existing proven design with minimal modifications to cut cost. ACE has two different (and incompatable) versions because they 'tagged on' their orders to other agencies orders, with no design changes, to get a lower price.
Now, if we can just get someone to make an HO model... opps, wrong board.

Date: 11/01/01 20:28
RE: Bombardier lozenge cars
Author: InsideObserver

These cars are designed to be all purpose: coach, cab car, RDC w/engine "downstairs", MU electric w/pantograph on each end, etc. The comes from a friend who knows (and specifically asked) the original designer.

Date: 11/02/01 09:26
RE: Bombardier lozenge cars
Author: spcrr1878-1887

It's also very nice to be able to step into a lozenge car at platform level, as opposed to the 4 or 5 very steep stairs at the entry of the bi-levels on Caltrain. Getting off is even more difficult on the bi-levels!

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