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Western Railroad Discussion > CPR freqs need for 2814 Calg-Vancvr trip

Date: 06/25/05 10:17
CPR freqs need for 2814 Calg-Vancvr trip
Author: pikespeeker

I have a friend traveling in Canada that is a trainorders member but no net access.. Anybody know what the freq is for that will be used? Thanks in advance

Date: 06/25/05 21:54
Re: CPR freqs need for 2814 Calg-Vancvr trip
Author: TopcoatSmith

Get thy friend a Canadian Trackside Guide from the Bytown boys, a truly useful and information packed book, a veritable pleathora ("whatever a pleathora is, you certainly got one")of train stuff.

TCS - no, it won't fit in your pocket.

Date: 06/26/05 00:17
Re: CPR freqs need for 2814 Calg-Vancvr trip
Author: jsbach

I'd second the motion to get a Canadian Trackside Guide but in case you won't have time to do that, you'll find these frequencies useful.

CP Channel 1 - 161.475
CP Channel 4 - 161.115
CP Channel 5 - 161.325
CP Channel 7 - 161.535

These are road channels that are used on the Laggan, Mountain, Shuswap, Thompson, and Cascade Subs. CP's general policy is a different road channel for each Subdivision. These avoids radio congestion at division points. Some Subs change channels midway. I think the Cascade Sub does this but if you put all these into your scanner you'll have it covered.

Other useful channels are MoW Channels like 160.845 and Channel 19 - 161.505. I can't remember what the Channel Number of that 160.845 is. Perhaps its Channel 13 . My Canadian Trackside Guide is out in the truck and I'm too lazy to go get it.

Jim Johnston

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