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Western Railroad Discussion > Impressive Milwaukee Road Super Dome 53

Date: 06/27/05 21:49
Impressive Milwaukee Road Super Dome 53
Author: cozephyr

I'm impressed with the layout I found on Milwaukee Road Super Dome 53. Linda agreed to share the moment at Denver Union Station, Denver, CO, on June 26, 2005. You've got to see this car to appreciate their layout. The car should be in California on June 28th. Buy your tickets now!

Date: 06/27/05 22:00
Milwaukee Road Super Dome 53 - Lounge Delight
Author: cozephyr

Milwaukee Road Dome 53 offers louge setting with an awesome view. Denver Union Station has hosted Burlington and Rio Grande domes, but a Milwaukee Road Super Dome must be a first.

Date: 06/27/05 23:44
Re: Milwaukee Road Super Dome 53 - Lounge Delight
Author: dan

actually superdomes have been here with UP heritage fleet in 97, cnw shippers specials, amtrak and on UP cities trains after the olypian hi was dissed before the sale to CN. the sktop and this superdome where both owned by the same coloradoan, before the sale of the dome to CNW. the dome sold on ebay for 175K. what a nice buy, i consisdered but 261 group is a natural fit.

Date: 06/28/05 07:06
Re: Milwaukee Road Super Dome 53 - Lounge Delight
Author: SilverSky

The Milwaukee Super Domes also ran into Denver on Amtrak as setout cars from Chicago for a short time. They had been painted into full Amtrak colors at the time and were not allowed to operate west of Ogden as the SP still had the "dome restriction" in place. I have ridden and photographed them on Trains 5 and 6.

Dome 53 is the perfect companion for the Cedar Rapids and both cars sold out quickly on the Minneapolis to Duluth and return trip in May behind #261. The large downstairs kitchen is sufficient to prepare full meals. We served 56 Rotarians a full meal while they travelled from Chicago to Minneapolis last Thursday. The majority took advantage of dome dining although some opted for the relative coziness of office car Montana. The car will really look great after a little body work and a fresh coat of Starfire maroon, orange and black. If you are anywhere around the cars on their West Coast trip try to take a look at both of them. You'll be pleased.

Silver Sky

Date: 06/28/05 16:05
Re: Impressive Milwaukee Road Super Dome 53
Author: gobbl3gook

Through Davis at 4:05PM. I confess the superdome didn't get a second look from me, on account of the Cedar Rapids...

Ted in Davis

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