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Date: 10/16/05 23:33
Fall Colors on the C&TS 2005
Author: NDHolmes

With the contest on, I figured I'd better get my photos from the C&TS two weeks ago sorted out. So, I've posted the two best ones here for as contest entries. This one's my favorite - it's the westbound C&TS train on Saturday, 1-Oct-2005, coming down the top part of the big S-curve below Weed City.


Date: 10/16/05 23:35
Second entry
Author: NDHolmes

My second contest entry...

For anybody wanting to see the rest of the photos from that trip (the ones that *didn't* make the cut as contest candidates), they're posted at:


Date: 10/17/05 21:25
Re: Second entry
Author: xtra1188w

I think that your "culls" are better than my best. These are both good, but the second one is outstanding!


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