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Date: 03/29/12 15:47
Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: SierraRail

What happened with this Klickitat Shay? Was she saved like the better-known #7, or did #5 get scrapped? Inside the enginehouse at Klickitat, Washington. Photographer and date of photo, Unknown.

Date: 03/29/12 15:56
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: CPengineer

Elliott Donnelley of Chicago purchased No. 5 in May 1964, and shortly afterwards it was announced in Trains magazine that the locomotive was being shipped to Hill City, South Dakota for service on the Black Hills Central. It was shipped there in mid-1964, but for reasons unknown, Donnelley decided instead that it would go to the Illinois Railway Museum, and it never ran on the BHC. After a brief stopover in North Freedom, Wisconsin, the Shay arrived at the C&NW’s 40th Street Shops in Chicago on July 7, 1965 and was reconditioned there before being shipped to Union. It's still there, and is currently receiving some needed boiler work.

Date: 03/29/12 16:23
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: AlcoHaulic

The engine house at Klickitat is still standing, complete with rail still in the floor.

Date: 03/29/12 18:40
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: LoggerHogger

Thanks for the shots of the enginehouse at Klickitat. I had no idea it was still there!

Here is KL&L #5 at the Illinois RR Museum in 2009 undergoing repairs. And, by the way, I never take any comfort when an engine in the shop has a professionally made sign hanging on her about the repairs started....years ago.


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Date: 03/29/12 20:48
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: AlcoHaulic

There are also KL&L track still in place at a few spots around the old mill site. One of my wild dreams is getting a Klickitat Shay back there and laying tracks up the canyon again... the scenery is awesome and I think a few dropoff points for rafters, fishing, hiking and hunting would make it a hit. The R.O.W. is all still there as a paved road clear to the reload (minus a couple washouts)and isn't used.

Date: 03/30/12 13:56
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: doge_of_pocopson

Who/what entity owns the enginehouse and the ROW? Is the enginehouse abandoned without an owner or caretaker? Ths -- B

Date: 03/30/12 22:05
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: AlcoHaulic

Pretty sure it's all owned by the county now, most of the mill burned down years ago in a series of suspicious fires. The ROW shows on google maps as Company Rd along the Klickitat River. It's all fenced off with no trespassing signs but judging from the perfectly square door-sized hole cut in the fence and the amount of empty beer cans and grafitti around the site, I don't think the locals heed the warning. I've seen a map of some known logging spurs of the line around southeast Mt. Adams, but I'd like to know more about the original switchback line up Snyder Canyon and onto the plateau behind the mill.

Date: 03/31/12 15:09
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: Jim700

AlcoHaulic Wrote:
> The engine house at Klickitat is still standing,
> complete with rail still in the floor.

Not at this enginehouse but nearby at the loading shed about 1969 the SP&S crew discovered the hard way that the TRI-LITE mounted on the roof of one of the two new SP&S Alco C415s was higher in the air than the same lights mounted on the roofs of the Alco RS-3s which had been the usual power on the Goldendale Local.

Klickitat residents hoped that somehow #7 might return to town to help them remember their history but, that not having happened, they've recently taken delivery of a 1961 Great Northern caboose painted as the Burlington Northern 10315 which has been trying to find a permanent home for the last 23 years. It is the subject of an article in the Goldendale Sentinel at

http://www.goldendalesentinel.com/story/2012/02/29/news/klickitat-caboose-gets-new-residence/319.html (note that you can download a PDF if you wish to archive the article)

which also recalls the never-quite-got-off-the-ground Klickitat Canyon Historic Railroad of more than twenty years ago. I still have my membership certificate for the KCHR and, as the last of three generations of my family who lived in Klickitat County over five decades, remain sad that it never worked out. Although my father worked the Goldendale Local as an engineer, I never got the opportunity to do so before the line was pulled up.

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Date: 03/31/12 15:50
Re: Klickitat Log & Lumber #5
Author: AlcoHaulic

My father was also an engineer on the Goldendale local for a while, and was involved with the attempt at a tourist line. The county lost out BIG TIME letting that one get away. Operations like Sumpter Valley make me think a relaid line could survive, but from what I know of Klickitat County internal politics, it would never begin.

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