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Date: 05/22/12 08:13
ATSF 3463
Author: ATSF3768

I'm currently in a state of disbelief. I just don't know what to say....


Date: 05/22/12 08:20
Re: ATSF 3463
Author: defect_detector

"reduced maintenance costs associated with modern steam"

Um... I'm all for this project, but that sentence above is a crock.

"In order to further prove the viability of biocoal and modern steam technology, CSR plans to test the locomotive in excess of 130 miles per hour, out-performing any existing diesel-electric on the market and breaking the world steam speed record. In light of this achievement, CSR has named this endeavor: “Project 130.”

Oh boy.

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Date: 05/22/12 08:27
Re: ATSF 3463
Author: HotWater

I also can't wait to see how they will make an external combustion machine more efficient than a current, computer controlled, internal combustion power diesel electric locomotive. Not to mention, compete in the future "high speed rail" environment at over 100MPH.

Date: 05/22/12 08:35
Re: ATSF 3463

Is this for real?

Date: 05/22/12 08:53
Re: ATSF 3463
Author: ATSF3768

From the tech specs page -
"When done, locomotive 3463 will share only the most fundamental resemblance to the engine it once was."

Preservation be dammed in the name of science.
I'm all for innovation, but they would be better off building a replica anyway, so why butcher the only Ripley designed Hudson?

Date: 05/22/12 09:20
Re: ATSF 3463
Author: tomstp

Dunno but, didn't they resolve the question of steam VS. diesel over 60 years ago? So long as there is cylinder involved steam with only 4 power strokes per revolution, it will never beat the continuous tractive effort of electricty.

Date: 05/22/12 09:25
Re: ATSF 3463
Author: patd3985

I wouldn't hold my breath on this project! As the old saying goes..."Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy good whiskey!"

Date: 05/22/12 09:51
In Agreement
Author: Bob3985

I agree with Marshall and Jack in that the maintenance of the locomotive has little to do with the fuel other than perhaps cleaner flues and tubes. But still there is the maintenance of the running gear and wear and tear on the spring rigging and soooo much more. At first I thought the guy who was going to restore the Big Boy in Texas had returned for more money. But, after reading all the materials, I believe these folks are for real.

Also operational efficiency depends on the crew and their abilities to operate the engine at maximum efficiency. That isn;t always true in all situations.

I believe they may make a fuel that may burn cleaner and be a bit cheaper than conventional fuel as crude oil and coal prices continue to rise over the years.
But Hmmmmmmmmm is all I can say. And then I am old and have run steam so what do I know, hahaha.

Good Luck gentlemen.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 05/22/12 10:15
ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: atsf5701

I'm all in! I have decided to donate all my profits from the Facebook IPO to this project. This is the best idea I've heard since the phantom Big Boy project 20+ years ago.

Does anyone think this is actually going to happen? Have you seen the condition of the ATSF 3463? Attached are photos from 2008. Replacing the missing parts would be a daunting task alone.

Why would you use a loco that is 70+ years old to demonstrate new technology?

Date: 05/22/12 10:24
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: mikel

Geeeeeeeez, you're not kidding about being in sad shape :(

Date: 05/22/12 10:43
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: Macster

Date: 05/22/12 10:57
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: wag216

Over my dead body!!!!!! And while we are at it, they better not use my photo. I am not happy. wag216 (aka William A. Gibson Jr.)

Date: 05/22/12 11:20
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: Frisco1522

Wonder who the snake oil salesman is who got this started? I can think of a name, but will keep it to myself. I'm sure the Gubmint will invest several billion in this "green" project.

Date: 05/22/12 13:05
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: imrl

An artists conception of the finished product.

Date: 05/22/12 13:22
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: ddg

Didn't they rebuild the engine in "Back to the Future III" also?

Posted from Android

Date: 05/22/12 13:46
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: mike15224449

Why this loco? 84" driving wheels? They want to alter the whole appearance of this being a Santa Fe locomotive? It sounds like a cool project though.

Date: 05/22/12 14:31
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: nycman

A few questions: 1) What is biocoal? 2) Why butcher a perfectly good ATSF Super Hudson with 84 inch drivers, rather than restore it? 3) Can anyone actually define "sustainability?" My school, RPI, has recently announced a curricula for a degree in Sustainable Engineering. I read the article and still have not figured it out.

Date: 05/22/12 15:11
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: Frisco1522

I thought the 4960 was a biofuel darling now. Does she still have that exhaust system on her?

Date: 05/22/12 15:37
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: tomstp

I think they are burning resturant grease. Have heard reports 4960 smells like french fries.

Date: 05/22/12 16:38
Re: ATSF 3463 - Yeah, sure, now be serious
Author: tolland

I'll bet you that if they use the word "sustainable" in the project name and claim the project is somehow connected with a "green energy" effort, they'll apply for goverment money. There are a number of such projects, Solyndra and in these parts, Abound Solar, that received hundreds of millions of dollars in goverment aid, then took bankruptcy and laid people off...

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