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Date: 11/06/12 13:40
My day with UP 844
Author: alco636

I once saw UP 8444 as a 14 year old kid in Cheyenne, WY. My Mom, Dad, and I were on a vacation out west. The 8444, and 3985, were sitting cold however. 1983 was a long time ago. Dad is gone, and the 844(4) hasn't visited Minnesota. (Glad to see the 3985 visit a couple times!) So when I learned the Living Legend would be in New Mexico, I knew I had to try to go. So I tried to get Saturday November 3rd off from work. Couldn't do it. Had to work a bit of overtime too. I ended up leaving Flagstaff, AZ at 7pm, with an approximate 633 mile drive overnight to Texline, TX. I've already driven 90% of the route. I-40 to Tucumcari, NM and US 54 to Dalhart, TX. The weather was good, the roads mostly clear, and I had plenty of caffeine. Amtrak, and many BNSF trains rolled by along I-40. It was a sunset to sunrise drive, and well worth it I'm happy to report.

#1 The cool morning air was great for steam. A breeze from the NW was perfect. The crew was starting their day, and the 844 was coming alive. First touches of sunlight since leaving Flagstaff the evening before.

#2 Steam rising into the cool, crisp air.

#3 People from town came out to visit and chat with the crew.

Date: 11/06/12 13:42
Re: My day with UP 844
Author: alco636

#4 Standing with the Living Legend.

#5 Pacing wasn't too bad. 40mph train with a 70mph speed limit.

#6 The 844 and her short train.

Date: 11/06/12 13:46
Re: My day with UP 844
Author: alco636

#7 The 844 heads NW with the huge Sierra Grande volcano looming ahead.

#8 Rolling through the heart of a horseshoe curve. Sierra Grande in the background.

#9 The shot I really wanted, with the Capulin volcano.

It was a fun, safe day. thanks to UP, and BNSF for making this happen!

Date: 11/06/12 18:51
Re: My day with UP 844
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

Very nice photos! Thanks for sharing them!
#4 is my favorite.

Date: 11/12/12 21:31
Re: My day with UP 844
Author: Diesel_Dan92

I wish they would bring her back to Arizona someday soon.

Daniel Burns
Morenci, AZ

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