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Date: 11/20/12 22:38
Three shots of New Haven #1331
Author: choochoocharlie

Three more photos taken by my Father Harry R. Lange.

1 - NYNH&H pacific #1331 leads the Boston to Waterbury Connecticut train at Bristol, Ct. on September 11th, 1948.
2 - This time #1331 is being seviced at the Waterbury yard, probably on the garden tracks next to the roundhouse, by two New Haven employees as I watch very intently on what they are doing. Photo taken on November 13th, 1948.
3 - This photo shows the #1331 in the service area of the Waterbury yard. The roundhouse is off to the left and the coaling tower is to the right. Note on the 4X5 negative sleeve reads "just in from Bridgeport for repairs". Photo taken on March 13th, 1948.


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Date: 11/20/12 23:28
Re: Three shots of New Haven #1331

Incredible as always. Hope you never run out of New Haven pics to scan and share.

Date: 11/21/12 06:41
Re: Three shots of New Haven #1331
Author: YG

Your father was pretty talented as a photographer and certainly knew about composition. Looking forward to more!

Steve Mitchell

Date: 11/21/12 08:21
Re: Three shots of New Haven #1331
Author: Tominde

They are all terrific in their own way. Love the cars and poles and wires in #1. You watching makes that second shot, and number 3 is just classic. Thanks for sharing all of these.

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