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Steam & Excursion > BR&W #60 on the Santa Express (Nov. 25th)

Date: 12/09/12 18:27
BR&W #60 on the Santa Express (Nov. 25th)
Author: OCtrainguy

With the announcement from the BR&W that #60 would be used on the Santa Express trains on November 25th, it gave me the chance to make a few people happy. My son, who couldn't ride the "Welcome Back" excursions due to a school project and soccer games; my daughter who wanted to see Santa and my parents who got their first ever ride behind steam on the BR&W. The weather was supposed to produce "party cloudy" weather but it was overcast for most of the day. Here are my photos from that day.

1. At the station in Flemington as the crews walk around the engine.
2. Passing behind the car dealers as the clouds momentarily break to show some blue sky.
3. Pulling into Ringoes station.

More to come..

Date: 12/09/12 18:29
Re: BR&W #60 on the Santa Express (Nov. 25th)
Author: OCtrainguy

Three more photos...

4. After running around the consist, the engine pulls into the station so passengers can board.
5. A view of the engine as it will run tender first to Flemington.
6. The next run passing Pumpkin Junction in Raritan Twp.

And three more to share..

Date: 12/09/12 18:31
Re: BR&W #60 on the Santa Express (Nov. 25th)
Author: OCtrainguy

Here are the final three from November 25th.

7. Back in Flemington, the skies have cleared and the sun has come out as the engine runs around the cars.
8 & 9. The last run of the day passing behind the Nissan and Ford dealers.

Thanks for the BR&W crews for running the steam engine that day. They made a lot of people happy. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Date: 12/10/12 06:36
Re: BR&W #60 on the Santa Express (Nov. 25th)
Author: YG

Always enjoy seeing this locomotive in operation!

Steve Mitchell

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