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Date: 12/14/12 06:14
Valley & Siletz RR - Backwoods Roundhouse!
Author: LoggerHogger

Here is a nice shot of the remnant of steam days on a Western railroad. The last steam locomotive has pulled out of the stalls and across the turntable of this roundhouse years ago.

This is the old roundhouse of the Valley & Siletz RR in Hoskin, Oregon in 1952. These first 2 scenes are by Bert Ward and show the long abandoned roundhouse and the yards of the V&S in Hoskins at the end of steam. You can see the remaining steamers up at the "new" shop on the west end of the yards.

The 3rd view shows boiler work being done on V&S 2-8-2 #56 in June 1949. The view was taken by Richard Biermann on a trip through the area. #56 had come from Brooks-Scanlon in Bend, OR in 1939.

The V&S was largely abandoned in 1978 when still using the Hoskins shops as well as a newer shop in Independence, OR. There still il 1.2 miles left in service of the V&S in Independence. The "new" shop is where Santa Maria Valley 2-6-2 #205 is being restored.


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Date: 12/14/12 06:51
Re: Mystery Backwoods Roundhouse - Whose Is She?
Author: trax

Okay, I'll say Valley and Siltez.

Larry Tuttle

Date: 12/14/12 07:08
Re: Mystery Backwoods Roundhouse - Whose Is She?
Author: LoggerHogger

Larry did in fact correctly ID this old roundhouse.

If you look close, the flatcar in the first photo is lettered for the Carlisle Lumber Co. of Carlisle, WA. She may have come down from that logging line at the same time as V&S #57 a big 90-ton Baldwin 2-8-2 that was formerly Carlisle Lumber #901.


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