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Date: 01/03/17 17:47
611 questions
Author: JLW2K

I plan to ride 611 this Memorial Day weekend and I have two questions:

1.  Does anyone think dome class will sell out quickly for Memorial Day or the Sunday before?  I am planning a trip but I will not know until mid to late February if the military will allow me to take leave for that trip.  Since the tickets are non refundable, I don't want to jump head first into a $600 or $800 donation. 

2.  I heard there will be no open air windows or vestibules due to a rule put in place after 611 last derailed.  Is that true?  No wind blowing through the little bit of hair I have left?

-James Wright Omaha, NE

Date: 01/03/17 18:27
Re: 611 questions
Author: RNinRVR

Completely true and remember the 40 mph speed limit.

Sharon Evans
Glen Allen, VA

Date: 01/03/17 18:49
Re: 611 questions
Author: Jimbo

My Guess for this year is the trips, especially the Roanoke trips, will not sell out quickly.  Usually Saturday is a more popular day than Sunday or Memorial Day Monday.  Again, no guarantees, but likely you will be able to hold off buying a ticket for a while.  If all the dome cars make the trip, as shown on the website, there will be a lot of seats available.

Date: 01/03/17 20:45
Re: 611 questions
Author: AltiplanoRailtours1

There are less dome seats in 2017, than were offered in 2016....I wouldnt hold off too long....


Date: 01/03/17 21:30
Re: 611 questions
Author: Realist

And for what it's worth, dome seats almost always sell out long before any other seats.

Date: 01/04/17 16:35
Re: 611 questions
Author: Jimbo

AltiplanoRailtours1 Wrote:
> There are less dome seats in 2017, than were
> offered in 2016....I wouldnt hold off too
> long....
> Adam

If there are three full-length domes and five short domes, wouldn't that be more dome seats than 2016?  Website shows Scenic View, Prairie View, Super Dome, Moonlight Dome, Stampede Pass, Homestake Pass, Silver Lariat, and Silver Solarium (Chairman's Class).


Date: 01/06/17 14:26
Re: 611 questions
Author: Jimbo

No mention now (January 6) of the Prairie View.  Still there are a lot of dome seats available.

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