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Steam & Excursion > SP 4326 West At East Ozol

Date: 01/06/17 15:18
SP 4326 West At East Ozol
Author: Barstool

The date is August 1953 and WB Mt. 4326 is on the move at West  Ozol siding,which is  just east of  of the brick yard...From Main St. in martinez to nevada dock, the 4326 will put on a good show as the 4-8-2's can do and then back off which easing past Port Costa...But today, 4326West doesn't have a set out to make and she doesn't have to take on water as some WB's do, so this train will mke good time to Oakland....When 4326 went by Bihia, she hit it for all she was worth and there was no wind, so the west bound grade at the bridge despite the tonnage was easy for her....4326 was shut down in Oct. 1954 in Sacramento ans scrapped a month later..Many of SP's finest steam went to the torch long before they should have, but with the flood of diesels, there was no place for them to go...

Date: 01/06/17 16:16
Re: SP 4326 West At East Ozol
Author: nycman

Those 4300s were good looking and good performing engines.  Your post and Martin's below make me sad to think about how many beautiful steam locomotives were turned to scrap.

Date: 01/07/17 09:25
Re: SP 4326 West At East Ozol
Author: m420

The 4300's were lovely machines

Thanks for this one

Date: 01/08/17 14:59
Re: SP 4326 West At East Ozol
Author: EtoinShrdlu

Looks more like Port Costa than Ozol.

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