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Date: 03/17/17 08:38
Chama du Jour #12
Author: BoilingMan


Date: 03/17/17 11:31
Re: Chama du Jour #12
Author: NKP779

Could we see photo number 3 in color?  The aspens just have to be beyond belief.................

Date: 03/17/17 14:00
Re: Chama du Jour #12
Author: BoilingMan

Here you go- but actually, things were still pretty green.   It's not that the B&W lies, it just looks different. (Hey, in a few days the trees will morph into the yellow you're looking for) 
What I liked about B&W it is the way it emphasizes the darker locomotive against a lighter surrounding.  Somehow, that is somewhat lost in the color version.

Date: 03/17/17 20:56
Re: Chama du Jour #12
Author: SP4360

What, no buffer cars?  :))

Date: 03/19/17 08:28
Re: Chama du Jour #12
Author: ajax247

The bright foliage in the B&W shots looks like a panchromatic band edging into the infrared. 

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