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Date: 04/21/17 08:41
Some Cuban steam in 1983
Author: Panamerican99

In April, 1983, I went to Cuba with a group to observe some of the sugar mill railroads down there. We visited 9 mills over 6 days. Here is the first, Jose Smith Comas, which had the best maintained locos of all we saw. You may have seen the engines from this mill before as someone had shots of them in TRAINS years ago. These are standard design Moguls by Baldwin, built in 1925. But the little Porter 0-4-0T yard goat put on quite a show as it could barely pull one of the Moguls out of the shed with oil covered rails under it. I'll be using the film from this in a new video which will also include these and many other slides I shot. I read somewhere on the internet that this mill is out of business now but at least one of the 2-6-0s is preserved there and the little tank engine was scrapped.


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Date: 04/21/17 08:43
Re: Some Cuban steam in 1983
Author: Panamerican99

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Date: 04/21/17 21:20
Re: Some Cuban steam in 1983
Author: railstiesballast

I don't think I have ever seen crosshead guides or rods polished like those in your last shot. Impressive, they really wanted to show it off.

Date: 04/22/17 13:31
Re: Some Cuban steam in 1983
Author: Robertjohndavis

Apparently those beautiful 2-6-0's are still there: http://www.internationalsteam.co.uk/trains/cuba1001.htm

Date: 04/23/17 05:52
Re: Some Cuban steam in 1983
Author: atsf121

Love all the stars on the engine, and they sure were clean.

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