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Date: 01/08/19 08:54
Faded Glory - C'Paw
Author: scoopdejour

Steam at Communipaw Jersey City, NJ - April 1968
While preparing the 127 for yet another High Iron Company excursion, I took time to record a portion of what was left of the once largest ever steam facility in the USA (early 1900's). The Blue Comet (express service Jersey City-Atlantic City, NJ 1929-1941) oval insignia was still evident on the tool shed which was in better shape than the roundhouse, one of two 50 stall buildings. Current site of the Liberty State Science Center.


Date: 01/08/19 09:04
Re: Faded Glory - C'Paw
Author: CPR_4000

IIRC that "New Jersey Central" herald was circular, not ovoid.

Date: 01/08/19 13:16
Re: Faded Glory - C'Paw
Author: scoopdejour

Typo, thanks!

Date: 01/08/19 14:07
Re: Faded Glory - C'Paw
Author: wcamp1472

My guess about the people...
Standing on the water hatch of the tender, spotting the clam shell position:  CNJ’s Jim Gilmore.
Leaning out of the cab, reaching for the grip: Jack Emerick NYC, Coal Traffic Sales.
On ground, handing up the grip: Wes Camp, HICO, CMO & VP Mechanical.

Prepping for the Cape May Seashore Screamer?


Date: 01/08/19 15:19
Re: Faded Glory - C'Paw
Author: steamfan759

Hank -  I sure am glad that you took some photos in the yard.  The area has changed so much you would never have a clue to what was once in the area.  You posted some photos of CRRofNJ 0-4-0T #840 a few days ago.  I have one of the Baldwin builder's plates from that locomotive.  I sure wish that plate could talk as that locomotive moved many locomotives around the Jersey City complex..


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