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Date: 02/08/19 03:30
Bosnia Steam
Author: andersonb109

I visited Bosnia in October, 2017 in search of real working industrial steam. The premise of the tour was to photograph the only remaining industrial steam operation in Europe. The Class 33 "Kriegslok" 2-10-0 No. 236 is seen working at the Bunkinje Mine. And would be doing so weather we were there or not. One of only two places in the world, China being the other, where this is still possible. The tour organizer also arranged for these fine locomotives to come out of the mines to haul their coal trains on government rails. Future operations are iffy at best although we did see one locomotive having significant work done in the shops. So go now. While you still can. Tomorrow country No. 5,  Bulgaria.

Date: 02/08/19 07:37
Re: Bosnia Steam
Author: jcaestecker

Thanks for posting, I am enjoying your series.


Date: 02/08/19 09:41
Re: Bosnia Steam
Author: NKP779

Good stuff, and interesting.  Even if they are not Dreyfuss streamlined Hudsons!

Date: 02/08/19 10:48
Re: Bosnia Steam
Author: andersonb109

I'll try to find something streamlined for you in a future post. 

Date: 02/08/19 11:51
Re: Bosnia Steam
Author: Keystone1

How many steam locomotives are left, and or running?

Date: 02/08/19 12:57
Re: Bosnia Steam
Author: andersonb109

We saw four in service during our visit. And one more being worked on in the shops.  We also saw two tank locos, one standard and one narrow gauge working at a different mine although they were pretty much in action just for our group with a diesel the normal power. We even managed to get one steam loco put onto a container train for a short distance. 

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