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Date: 02/09/19 11:22
Audio - In The Cab Of CB&Q 6315 On 10-21-58
Author: MaryMcPherson

On October 21, 1958, James Adams of Centralia, Illinois, hauled his reel to reel recording equipment into the cab of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 2-10-4 #6315 on a mine run from Centralia to a mine of the Valier Coal Company.  Mr. Adams was an employee of the Illinois Central at Centralia, which no doubt helped him get access to make his recordings.  In this clip, #6315 is hear working upgrade with empties bound for the mine.

This was the very end of steam on the CB&Q, and this locomotive would gain a bit of fame the following spring when she was mated with 4-8-4 #5632 for an excursion between Chicago and Galesburg.  Unfortunately #6315's career would end on that excursion, when she threw and eccentric rod at speed.  She would be cut off at Galesburg, never to run again.

Recordings of 6315 and 5632 would appear on Mobile Fidelity's record "Sunday Only," but this clip offers a glimpse of the big 2-10-4 in her natural habitat and doing what she was designed to do.


Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

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Date: 02/12/19 14:45
Re: Audio - In The Cab Of CB&Q 6315 On 10-21-58
Author: Goalieman

Thanks for posting this Mary. Due to the “Sunday Only” LP, this locomotive has a special place in my heart as my younger brother and I would lay on our parents living room floor in front of their console stereo and listen to steam records for hours!! What a great memory for both of us.

Thanks Again!
Mark V.
The Fort, IN

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