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Date: 03/10/19 03:27
Everett RR and #11 ready for 2019
Author: warren1977

Everett RR, the most overlooked short line in Pennsylvania, and  home to 2-6-0 #11, possibly the most overlooked small steamer on the East Coast, have released their 2019 brochure, with schedule and ticket prices available via the company website.
In less than 2 weeks is 1 of 2 steam excursions that cover the longest run on the Everett, a 27 mile round trip to Martinsburg Jct., PA.

Short video of #11 on its last trip of the day, 11/7/2015, in its 1st weeks of service. Departing Hollidaysburg, PA. with PA. RT36 bridge in background.

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Date: 03/10/19 20:04
Re: Everett RR and #11 ready for 2019
Author: RuleG

Don't know that the Everett Railroad and it's 2-6-0 are "overlooked."  A ride on the the Everett RR was one of the events in last year's National Railroad Historical Society Convention.  Several TO members, including me, have posted photos of the #11.   Last month, I posted the following thread about the Everett RR releasing its 2019 schedule:


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