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Date: 03/10/19 04:37
Bulgaria Steam 2
Author: andersonb109

All taken from the same charter in May 2014 as previously posted.  First: 4-8-2 No. 03.12 at Arda. Second: Same loco on a bridge near Kardzahli, which seemed to be the center of operations for this line with a huge, but largely disused station. Below the bridge looks like remnants of the original line as the water is part of a man made lake and the line re-located.  Third: Not all photos need to include trains. Here we see the appropriately dressed station mistress hard at work at Kardzahli station. Note the pink phone. Tomorrow back to Canada but to a line further away than some other international destinations. 

Last, thanks to all who send congrats on my IOTD. That was quite a surprise and much appreciated. Not many foreign photos seem to make it. 

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