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Steam & Excursion > B&W 759 - Part 5 of 9

Date: 03/13/19 18:09
B&W 759 - Part 5 of 9
Author: scoopdejour

July 19, 1968 - making progress on NKP 759 at the Conneaut, Ohio roundhouse.

All photos by Paul Prescott
1)  Lossening the sheet metal turret cover - left to right Doyle McCormack (laborer), Hank Webber (HICO VP Mechanical), 
2)  Removing the sheet metal turret cover -       "           Hank Webber, Doyle McCormack, Wes Camp (HICO CMO)
3)           "       the boiler lagging - Doyle McCormack & Bob Bartone

Challenging work, but with the great guys we had, the work was "easy".

Hank Webber

Date: 03/13/19 18:46
Re: B&W 759 - Part 5 of 9
Author: refarkas

True steam restoration photographic treasures.

Date: 03/13/19 20:43
Re: B&W 759 - Part 5 of 9
Author: CPRR

Removing asbestos the old fashioned way, no respirator.....

Date: 03/16/19 06:10
Re: B&W 759 - Part 5 of 9
Author: wcamp1472

Couple of years ago, as part of a general physical exam, I had a lung imaging and survey...

My last cigarette was December 1964, 2017: my lungs were clear & healthy.
Dr. did say that he saw what loooked like a couple of asbestos specks ( on my right lung) on the images...

I immediately had hopes of a future life of leisure, paid-for by the rewards of a ‘healthy’ settlement
award of ca$h from JohnsManville.

Dr. said: “forgeddaboudit..”
“You’re healthy as a horse...”

Our house had been clad in asbestos shingles, I played on a floor with asbestos in the linoleum, commuted in the NYC subways with the dust of thousands of asbestos-bearing brake shoes ( as they squealed to a stop),
all automotive-related brake pads contained asbestos, spent many years in old RR shops and buildings —& I still got plenty-healthy, pink lungs —- will be 80 in 2020...

I forgot, in 1968.... at Conneaut, we washed our work clothes in the coin-op machines, wore them the next day... all that summer..

Still, No big fat legal settlement..

As a kid, I shoulda sprinkled asbestos on my cereal in the mornings..I never ate lead paint, tho...( how do you do THAT?).


Not proofed yet..

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