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Date: 05/09/19 10:30
Big Boy storming into Utah
Author: atsf121

So along with a few others on this board, who I think I was standing near without realizing it based on the other posts, and a few thousand of our closest friends, I chased Big Boy yesterday.  I left the house early, in the rain.  And as a typical spring day in Utah, it rained, the sun came out, it got cloudy and sprinkled again, and by the time we got to Ogden the sun came out and it got warm.  Oh yeah, it rained again at least twice last night after I got home.

I had spent time earlier this week looking at the maps and based on what I had seen chasing 844 up to Evanston 2 years ago decided on a few key spots, with one or two backup plans just in case.  I headed up to Castle Rock to turn around and head back to the rest stop in Echo Canyon.  But I made a quick stop at Castle Rock to photgraph and eastbound UP intermodal and chatted with a few folks while checking out the size of the crowd, which was already larger than what I had seen there for 844.  I had seen people all the way up from Echo, and it was only 8am.  I think there were 2 to 3 times the number of folks this year for the Big Boy compared to chasing 844 on it's way home from Boise two years ago.  I hustled to the rest stop and I setup at the hill trying to stay out of the way of the other folks around me so I could get the one "gotta have" shot and it worked out.  Had fun chatting with a fellow who was driving his moving van to Oregon, he just happened to stumble on the train and decided it was worth a look.  I then joined the masses on I-84 and thanks to the whistle stop at Echo to change news crews who were riding along, I was able to grab pictures and video of the train crossing the Weber River bridge at Croydon.  I thought that was probably my last shot of the day, but got lucky as I came around the corner into Morgan - the train was just pulling out.  So a little pacing video was in order, and then I jumped ahead to Peterson.  Figured I was done after that but was able to pass the train again and just missed a shot at Riverdale.  Since I still had time, I found the train stopped in the Ogden Yard.  Unfortunately I didn't have the video going when both 4014 and 844 whistled before making a backup move.  I was able to chat with one of the Steam Crew for a few after the train left, he was very friendly and answered any of the questions being tossed at him.  I then checked the clock and it was time to hurry home to pickup one of my daughters from school.  All in all, a great way to not work and use a little time off.

While my wife and her family don't get my "train thing", they did enjoy seeing some of the videos and pictures I brought home.  My brother-in-law was even sending me news updates yesterday while I was out on the chase.  So enjoy the compiled video, I was lucky to catch the train more than I expected to.

Photo # 1 - Echo Canyon, this was the shot I really wanted
Photo # 2 - Peterson, UT looking towards Mountain Green, this was a plan B spot that really worked out


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Date: 05/09/19 11:04
Re: Big Boy storming into Utah
Author: atsf121

Photo # 3 - Peterson, UT frame grab
Photo # 4 - Large UP, but only one gets all the attention
Photo # 5- don't forget about 844.  While I never saw 3985 & 844 running together, only in videos, it was kinda funny for her to be in back this trip.  But Big Boy did deserve all the attention.

My hat is off to Union Pacific, Ed Dickens, and the UP Steam Crew for pulling off a great restoration of an engine I never thought I would see in operation except in old grainy videos.  Well done!


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Date: 05/09/19 12:56
Re: Big Boy storming into Utah
Author: ACL3042


You better not meet Ed. You are a enemy of him. His last name is Dickens, not Dickinson!!!!!
Great captures on your videos.

Gary Rich

Date: 05/09/19 13:05
Re: Big Boy storming into Utah
Author: atsf121

ACL3042 Wrote:
> Nathan,
> You better not meet Ed. You are a enemy of him.
> His last name is Dickens, not Dickinson!!!!!
> Great captures on your videos.
> ACL3042
> Gary Rich

Shoot, I was thinking I had that wrong as I typed it.  Should have double-checked, thanks for catching that.


Date: 05/09/19 13:16
Re: Big Boy storming into Utah
Author: mikel

Wonderful video !!!

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