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Date: 05/12/19 03:47
USA Steam 15
Author: andersonb109

Many times when you take a photo, you think you  will go back again and again to capture a similar image. Here this is not the case. These were taken on the last ever photo charter on the now closed East Broad Top Railroad in Pennsylvania. Again Pete Lerro was the organizer of this charter which immediately followed the one at Strasburg from yesterday's post in October, 2010.  We were fortunate to have three locos in steam...something that hadn't been seen in a few years. But looks are deceiving. Only No. 15 was serviceable at the time of our visit. Smoke bombs were used to create the scene of a yard that not too long ago was active with three locomotives, now all stored dead in the Orbisonia roundhouse. How sad that this fine railroad has been left to rot away with no hope in sight of a buyer in sight. 

Tomorrow I'm taking a one day break from the U.S. series to backtrack to a country recently added to my list. 

Date: 05/12/19 09:26
Re: USA Steam 15
Author: refarkas

Beautiful EBT images. My parents took me to the EBT in 1962, and I have liked it ever since.

Date: 05/13/19 04:44
Re: USA Steam 15
Author: ns1000

I REALLY like Pic 2!!

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