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Date: 05/16/19 03:07
U.S. Steam 18
Author: andersonb109

Hoping for snow, February, 2013 was a second Lerro charter at Strasburg. No snow to be found. Only gloomy winter weather. Loco used was Great Western No. 90, first seen at the yard at East Strasburg. For the second shot, Pete knocked on a farmer's door which soon produced his wagon and team along with his two dogs. The sun even came out...sort of...for a few minutes. As I recall, some "adjustments" were also made to the pilot of the loco to give it a more authentic appearance. Maybe others who were there can fill  in the details. 

Date: 05/16/19 06:34
Re: U.S. Steam 18
Author: refarkas

Timeless beauties.

Date: 05/16/19 06:58
Re: U.S. Steam 18
Author: Bob3985

Awesome photos with great recreations. Thanks for sharing.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 05/16/19 15:03
Re: U.S. Steam 18
Author: rbenko

They put a tarp on the cowcatcher for a more solid appearance, as well as white tape on the edges of the running boards to make it look more like it did when it was on the Great Western.

It was a nice, but cold and mostly rainy day.  Got some neat shots, including in the roundhouse at night with two steamers (there were supposed to be two active for our outing, but the N&W was down for maintenance).  The most fun I had all day was riding in the hack's cupola on a few of the runbys - nice and warm in there with a coal stove going all day!

Included are a few I took from that day, including another view of the horsecart.  I'm sure if you look back on TO in Feb 2013 you'll see tons of shots from this event - Mitch Goldman posted some stunners.  

Rob Benkovitz
West Palm Beach, FL

Date: 05/16/19 17:23
Re: U.S. Steam 18
Author: ns1000

VEry nice..!!

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