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Date: 09/01/19 19:09
Steam over the former MEC mountain division
Author: DavidP

Conway Scenic ran their ex-CN 0-6-0 7470 on the former MEC Mountain Division line as part of Railfan Weekend Saturday and Sunday.  Here are three clips stitched together.  In the first scene, taken Saturday, 7470 leaves the former B&M North Conway station with a short freight.  It will join the former MEC at Intervale for a run to Bartlett.  The second and third scenes, shot on Sunday, are of the switcher leading a special Notch Train up Crawford Notch to Hazens, a junction in the town of Whitefield.  We see it crossing the Fourth Iron bridge, and then hugging the cliffs below Mt. Willard as the train approaches Crawfords Station.  Turn up the sound - 7470 is small, but she has a loud bark and melodious whistle.


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Date: 09/01/19 20:13
Re: Steam over the former MEC mountain division
Author: Panamerican99

Very nice!

The DVD "New England Glory-Mountain Division" is all about this line as it was in the late 1940's as Maine Central was still running steam on passenger, mixed and freight trains. The only diesel powered train at that time was the B&M/MEC "Mountaineer" which is also featured.
It was filmed on 16mm by Stanley Y. Whitney with the film provided by the B&M Historical Society. It has activity at the Bartlett roundhouse, many places on the grade to Crawford Notch and more and covers all operations on the line on a typical summer day. 

--Jim Herron
Herron Rail Video

Date: 09/02/19 09:30
Re: Steam over the former MEC mountain division
Author: MiketheMikado

Hopefully after the Diesel Unit #4268 is back in action, maybe the Conway Scenic could turn their attention to #501's restoration to running order.

Date: 09/03/19 01:23
Re: Steam over the former MEC mountain division
Author: randyr

Great video, thanks for posting. I have ridden the Conway a couple times, but I have never seen their steam locomotive in operation. A Notch trip is on my bucket list. You are correct she sounded great!
Randy in PHX

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