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Date: 10/02/19 14:47
765 CVSR
Author: daylightfan

The Sunday afternoon runby at the Indigo Lake station.

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Date: 10/02/19 17:04
Re: 765 CVSR
Author: nycman

It looks like you used the Mike DelVecchio "stand on a ladder" approach, which works well, as yours did.  Thanks.

Date: 10/02/19 18:09
Re: 765 CVSR
Author: daylightfan

Nope! I'm just tall.

Date: 10/02/19 20:08
Re: 765 CVSR
Author: mdogg

I'm hoping next year that they are able to do the runbys at Boston Mills, like they've done in the past. There is not enough space at Indigo Lake. It takes 3 stops just to unload!

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Date: 10/03/19 12:53
Re: 765 CVSR
Author: Kimball

Terrific!  Really enjoyed this. Big train!   I think I might have been a bit miffed if I had paid for a dome seat and found them as cars 15,16,17, however?

Date: 10/03/19 20:21
Re: 765 CVSR
Author: justalurker66

The open cars where you can taste the cinders are at the lead of the train. I'm not sure where I'll try to get a seat when I ride again. (There is one seat I have in mind if my schedule works out next September.) My wife and I rode in one of the table cars last year ahead of the domes and it was a good ride - even if we didn't taste the cinders.

The runby location worked OK for us last year. It looks like the ropes were closer in this video than when I was there. There were a couple of people who jumped the rope when I filmed my runbys. I wish that people would understand that they can get an equally good shot from the "photo line" without blocking out other people. You can get 10 ft closer with the lens on the camera without stepping in front of other people. The second and third runby last year were better than the first as people moved away from the line after getting their shot. It was nice being that close to the raw power of 765 without being too close for comfort.

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