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Steam & Excursion > PM 1225 headed north this morning (10-5-19)

Date: 10/05/19 07:57
PM 1225 headed north this morning (10-5-19)
Author: jkh2cpu

Originally I was going to get up before the pigeons and wait for PM 1225 to come to town, but I figured that at my advanced age, I should stay in bed, so I did, until PM 1225's whistle was heard around 8:10 AM. I did some chores around town, and then settled in at the Riverview Golf Course in Mt Pleasant, and waited for 20 minutes until PM 1225 whistled off at around 10 AM. She came into view a few minutes later, and I got the shots that I had intended. After that, I headed for the barn to check out my haul of digi images.

I may go out tonight when she comes back to town.


Date: 10/05/19 15:15
Re: PM 1225 headed north this morning (10-5-19)
Author: andersonb109

Nice. Happy to see the only flag is on the golf course. Not on the loco. No diesel is nice as well. 

Date: 10/05/19 16:55
Re: PM 1225 headed north this morning (10-5-19)
Author: co614

Needs small American flags near the class lights. IMHO.

   Ross Rowland

Date: 10/05/19 21:08
Re: PM 1225 headed north this morning (10-5-19)
Author: ironmtn

As it turns out, the 1225 was flying two small triangular Michigan State pennants near the class lights. They were in honor of today's trip from Mt. Pleasant, Mich. to Cadillac, Mich. and return, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Michigan State University Railroad Club, which conducted the 1225's initial restoration. It also celebrated the 44th anniversary of the first post-restoration fire-up by student volunteer members of the Club on October 5, 1971, following 6 years of restoration work after the 1225's many years on static display on Michigan State's campus in East Lansing. An appropriate and nice touch, I thought. I rode today's trip and got a shot of the pennants on the front end during servicing at Cadillac, posted below later after I got home. This post also edited for details about the celebration.

It was an enjoyable trip and the 1225 performed well. Good crew and solid operation. A mostly cloudy, brisk, chilly and breezy day -- autumn is upon us here - but still very enjoyable.

Muskegon, Michigan

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Date: 10/06/19 13:24
Re: PM 1225 headed north this morning (10-5-19)
Author: jkh2cpu

Heh! I like it. Then I thought about it, and yes!
The flags were visible in the first two, but barely.

I took a snip from the full frame (7100 x 4740), and
it shows up better. Oh! Check out the throttle
position. The engineer has just yanked out the
throttle, and the sound was wonderful. I'm sure he'd
like 60 roller bearing cars to lug around sometime :-)


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