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Steam & Excursion > Tucson Amtrak Station (4014 on 10/17/2019)

Date: 11/10/19 01:08
Tucson Amtrak Station (4014 on 10/17/2019)
Author: cchan006

I visited the Tucson Amtrak Station during the 4014 chase on October 17, to check the place out. It was my first time visiting there.

There's been heated discussions on the condition of the 4014, and it's my observation that the Big Boy is still a "work in progress." That hasn't affected my having fun chasing the 4014 in Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona, and the proof should be in the videos I've posted.  I thank the TO members with steam restoration and operating experience for speaking their minds - your observations have influenced where I have chosen to chase the 4014. You don't hear the diesel working much (if at all) on most of the clips I've posted. In other videos I've seen, the diesel(s) can be clearly heard, but that shouldn't bother anyone who understand the reality of the rush to restore the 4014.

I recorded depature videos of the 4014 at Evanston, Wy, and Echo, UT but I didn't post them because I was somewhat underwhelmed. That made me decide to skip the stops at Morgan, UT and Salt Lake City to focus on movement rather than departure - a lesson in dealing with reality for my own benefit. I did post the "re-departure" at Casa Grande as part of a story, but I originally didn't plan to.

At Tucson, the view of the 4014's cylinders was blocked by the crowd, but I got a good clip of 4014's stack talk as it departed the station, and I'm posting the video here. 

An eastbound manifest with SD70ACe leader (and fouled horn) with a Ferromex pool power showed up right after the 4014 left the station, and it's in the video, too.

- 4014 and the crowd at Tucson Amtrak Station.

- Flyer posted at the museum store (Southern Arizona Transportation Museum).

- Video of 4014 departing Tuscon, with an eastbound UP manifest.

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Date: 11/10/19 01:15
Re: Tucson Amtrak Station (4014 on 10/17/2019)
Author: cchan006

- UP 4002 on display inside the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum.

- Tucson is Southern Pacific territory. SP 1673 is on display there.

- This family showed interest in SP 1673, way after the 4014 was gone.

Southern Pacific donated the 1673 to the City of Tucson in 1955 to mark the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the railroad to the area.

That's it for the belated report.

Date: 11/10/19 07:09
Re: Tucson Amtrak Station (4014 on 10/17/2019)
Author: dougd

best sound I've heard ---other than being trackside---thanks for posting!

Date: 11/10/19 07:43
Re: Tucson Amtrak Station (4014 on 10/17/2019)
Author: Copy19

Looks like the crowd was really enjoying the show.  Thanks for posting a people video.  

JB - Omaha

Date: 11/11/19 06:04
Re: Tucson Amtrak Station (4014 on 10/17/2019)
Author: Cumbresfan

Great Video! Especially like the juxtaposition of a heritage passenger train with a fast moving manifest freight doing what railroads do best - moving necessary commodities across the country to where they are needed. 

Date: 11/12/19 09:03
Re: Tucson Amtrak Station (4014 on 10/17/2019)
Author: dendavis

I note 4014 is showing a bit of "reality", viz. the drip marks coming down the boiler from the stack.  Actually, I like it!  "Show Room Shiny" was great when it started the whole revival tour, but this looks like her glory days of revenue service.  And, yeah, how cool was that fast freight sneaking up on the festivities?

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