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Date: 01/06/20 03:59
Few Things Can Compare To The Sight Of A Freshly Shopped Engine!
Author: LoggerHogger

Much has been discussed over the years about the amount of maintenance required to keep steam locomotives in operation on a daily basis.  The demands for regular maintenance and periodic rebuilding of these engines was what finally lead to their demise and replacement by the more maintenance free diesels.

One by-product of the maintenance needs for steam power was the periodic chance to get a photo of one of these engines right after they received a complete shopping.  The shopping process resulted in a locomotive with a fresh coat of paint looking nearly like she had when she left the factory.  One lucky railfan appears to have caught McCloud River Railroad 2-6-2 #21 soon after such a shopping at the roundhouse in McCloud, California.  She sports a fresh coat of both black and green paint on her jacketing and domes along with the rest of the engine. 

These engines were quite striking when they emerged fresh from the back shop.


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