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Steam & Excursion > 3985 to San Jose - 1992

Date: 03/25/20 13:38
3985 to San Jose - 1992
Author: JLKirk

Like a lot of us I am taking this time to go through old slides.  I took this about 10 miles north of Reno Junction, where the line from Portola has a wye, of 3985 on its way to the NRHS convention in San Jose, July of 1992.
Mid-day sun and with the temperature darn near 100; it was a very good day!

Joel Kirk

Date: 03/25/20 14:13
Re: 3985 to San Jose - 1992
Author: Keystone1

Nice slide.  Watch those scratches.

Date: 03/25/20 14:58
Re: 3985 to San Jose - 1992
Author: JLKirk

Actually medium-format neg film; but we had a lab here that would put them in those plastic negative pages.  As part of my recent activities I've been cutting them out and putting them in glassines... but the damage was done years ago, I'm afraid.
Thanks for the tip, though.  I'm gonna try to be careful!


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