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Steam & Excursion > D&NE 28 on DWP Sept 6, 1964

Date: 09/15/20 19:40
D&NE 28 on DWP Sept 6, 1964
Author: CBQ4002

Need some answers. 
1.  What route did we use to get from Duluth Union Station to the DWP main line to Virginia City?
2.  The train went in the hole for a southbound DWP freight.  What was the name of the siding, and what MP?
3.  Where was the 28 turned at Virginia City?  Google maps is not showing any signs of a wye or remains of a turntable at Virginia City.
4.  Were there mechanical issues during the trip?
Back channel response ok
Ron Burkhard

Date: 09/15/20 19:50
Re: D&NE 28 on DWP Sept 6, 1964
Author: exprail

Doubtful it was Virginia City...more likely, Virginia, Minnesota.


Date: 09/16/20 06:06
Re: D&NE 28 on DWP Sept 6, 1964
Author: gbmott

I assume the route out of Duluth would have been the normal DW&P route from downtown using their trackage rights on the NP Short Line main to DW&P Junction at around 63rd Ave. West, thence their own line up through West Duluth yard and on to Virginia.

i was unaware of this excursion and would like to know more about it.


Date: 09/16/20 06:21
Re: D&NE 28 on DWP Sept 6, 1964
Author: CBQ4002

It was part of an Illini RR club charter/excursion that did the Marquette & Huron Mountain on Sat. Sept 5, the excursion in question, then overnight to the twin cities, and return to Chicago behind Milw Rd. #6
There was at least one DM&IR coach on the Duluth - Virginia segment, which was not in Illini block of cars out of Chicago or Marquette. This also leads to the question about a co-sponsoring organization.

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