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Date: 11/17/20 19:25
On its next to last day
Author: tomstp

T&P 610 is stopped at the Marshall Tx depot on its way home to Ft Worth  The weather was cold and misty and shows any steam in the atmosphere in this case the two air pumps on the pilot deck...  Crowds came for the stop (a lot more than shown).  Marshall was a shop town for the T&P and worked on anything T&P owned.  Lancaster Yard in Ft Worth had only a large engine shop.

It will leave and go to Mineola Tx to stay over night so it would arrive on a Saturday in Ft Worth.  That would be its last road trip under steam.

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Date: 11/17/20 23:57
Re: On its next to last day
Author: WauhopM

Its a shame that a great locomotive like this has not run in so many years.

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