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Date: 01/07/21 13:02
Milwaukee Road 261.
Author: hank

Milwaukee Road 261 brings an excursion from Chicago  to Galesburg, Illinois in June 2002.  My location was a few miles east  of Galesburg on the BNSF Mendota sub.

Thanks for viewing.

Ron Hirsch
Springfield, Mo.

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Date: 01/07/21 21:01
Re: Milwaukee Road 261.
Author: cvrrr

Now that is a train!!


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Date: 01/08/21 05:59
Re: Milwaukee Road 261.
Author: train671

The 261 and her crew/volunteers always put on a great show.  I had the good fortune
to both ride and "try and chase" the 261 over this weekend.  The 261 was at top track
speed on this segment of trackage and it was a challenge to get many shots of the
train going by.


Date: 01/09/21 23:58
Re: Milwaukee Road 261.
Author: NYC_L4a

As they say, "thanks for the memories". I rode that excursion, all but very little of it at the vestibule, and I had an absolute blast. I've ridden lots of mainline steam excursions, but that one was the absolute best from a gritty, sights,sounds and smells perspective.

Date: 01/10/21 11:31
Re: Milwaukee Road 261.
Author: ProAmtrak

Great video, once all this Covid Crap is over I hope to go out to see her!

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