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Date: 02/19/21 11:22
History Still There
Author: MacBeau

The depot in this view looking down Susquehanna Street in Mauch Chunk, PA from August 1940 still stands, but a little time with Google Maps Street View reveals eighty years of change. Interestingly enough, a train still can be seen in front of the depot. Credit Jack Delano and the FSA for this timeless classic.  

Be of good cheer,


Date: 02/19/21 11:44
Re: History Still There
Author: refarkas

Great historic image. This photo brings the past to life.

Date: 02/19/21 13:05
Re: History Still There
Author: RuleG

What an excellent photograph!

Here's a link to the Google Streetsview from approximately the same location.  Lots of changes, but some things remain.


Date: 02/19/21 14:12
Re: History Still There
Author: bigsavage

Buildings to far left are either gone or redeveloped, fortunately the RR infrastructure remains.
Occasionally you can find operating steam, F-units, or RDCs at the x-CNJ depot.
Most weekends in spring,summer, fall finds Jim Thorpe overun with tourists.
Pic, 8/22/2020

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