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Date: 02/26/21 12:20
A Columbia Type at Tip Top
Author: MaryMcPherson

Here is a locomotive that, barring a miracle, will never run again.  St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern 2-4-2 #5 is heard in her last year of operation as she climbs a short hill known as "Tip Top" on the little tourist line based in Jackson, Missouri.

Both of the locomotive's whistles are hear in this recording, including the Hancock long-bell step-top she carried during her operating career in Missouri.  It sounds a bit anemic at the 150psi boiler pressure the locomotive was operated at.  Someone here may have an idea what the other whistle is; I have not a clue.

#5 was taken out of service around a year later.  Recently a movement was afoot to restore the locomotive, but water had been allowed to enter the boiler over the past twenty years and the damage it caused resulted in a failed ultrasound.

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

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Date: 02/26/21 13:34
Re: A Columbia Type at Tip Top
Author: Tominde

Sounds like a much bigger locomotive.

Date: 02/27/21 08:18
Re: A Columbia Type at Tip Top
Author: Trainhand

The second whistle sounds like something from Europe.

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