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Date: 04/01/21 16:49
1928 Locomotive
Author: scoobydoobydoo

I got my 28 chevy out of storage and up an running this spring and would like to take a pic of it next to a steam locomotive built in the same era,Im in ohio and would nice to find one near here,Thanks Scoobydoobydoo

Date: 04/01/21 17:00
Re: 1928 Locomotive
Author: wp1801

Wow What a beauty!

Date: 04/01/21 17:21
Re: 1928 Locomotive
Author: HotWater

You might have to visit the Ford Museum in Michigan.

Date: 04/01/21 18:06
Re: 1928 Locomotive
Author: gregscholl

The Hocking Valley runs steam on some weekends.  Age of Steam Roundhouse sometimes fires up the #12(MH&NF).  Maybe 765 will visit Cuyahoga Valley this fall.  Best to check with these outfits to see what is possible.
Greg Scholl

Date: 04/01/21 18:37
Re: 1928 Locomotive
Author: wjpyper

Very nice street rod. What's under the hood?
Bill Pyper
Lacey, WA

Date: 04/01/21 18:53
Re: 1928 Locomotive
Author: wabash2800

Sorry, they didn't have anything like that in 1928.... <G>

Victor A. Baird

Date: 04/01/21 19:09
Re: 1928 Locomotive
Author: scoobydoobydoo

327 300hp three twos turbo 350 with a shift kit,cars about 1600 pounds

Date: 04/02/21 21:31
Re: 1928 Locomotive
Author: MojaveBill

Beautiful car. A classic hot rod!

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

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