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Date: 01/26/22 18:38
Forty Or More Years Ago - CVL 4070
Author: refarkas

Cuyahoga Valley Line 4070 and a B&O Geep are on the point of a southbound train in Akron, Ohio on October 5, 1980. 4070 will take the train around the wye at B&O's Akron Junction and turn the train for its return trip.
Perhaps 4070 might have had a longer than usual train, or maybe she had been having trouble. Most likely one of these is the reason for the diesel.

Date: 01/26/22 18:59
Re: Forty Or More Years Ago - CVL 4070
Author: wcamp1472

It's important to remember that Doyle (4449) and Joe Karal were instrumental in
returning both the 4070 and 765, as well as 759 & 2102, (Ohio-based) to operable
condition....way before Doyle undertook the 4449 project for AFT.  
All those prior experiences well prepared Doyle back in 1974.

Doyle was an avid student of learning the craft of steam loco restoration, and Joe 
was a Master at the art of welding and boiler-making and took pride in mentoring Doyle.
He was a dedicated student, and has experience maintaining and problem-solving many
challenges with operable steam engines, as well as being a well qualified engineer 
of multiple RR employers... Steam and Diesel.

Now you know.



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Date: 01/26/22 20:06
Re: Forty Or More Years Ago - CVL 4070
Author: krm152

That is a very nice scene.  The Chessie diesel adds some color.
Thanks for your steam action photo posting.

Date: 01/27/22 08:35
Re: Forty Or More Years Ago - CVL 4070
Author: Frisco1522

Doyle really needs to write a book about his career.  If you look at what he has accomplished, you will be amazed.  Yet he is down to earth and definitely one of the Good Guys.
I'm proud to have him as a friend.

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