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Date: 05/09/22 07:42
SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: mp208

Three days of rain (MAY 6-8), but the 1309 soldiered on.  Like DTW, I endured the weather to enjoy the view.  Western Maryland Scenic...west of Cumberland, MD

Date: 05/09/22 07:55
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: mp208

Along Wills creek in the "Narrars" in Cumberland, MD  5/6/22

Date: 05/09/22 08:00
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: mp208

The "photo bomber" in the red hat spoiled several photos/videos of people there ahead of him.  Being that close to the track (edge of ballast), one wonders if he would have survived a horizontal blast of steam at head level.  At the very least, he would have been "boiling mad"

Date: 05/09/22 08:31
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: Train29

And if that happened, he probably would have sued the railroad. Why someone needs to be that close to the loco is beyond me. Idiot. 

Date: 05/09/22 11:05
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: wcamp1472

Expanding Steam from the cylinder cocks expands rapidly...and
the temperature drops rapidly.  Upon hitting the atmosphere, 
it, technically, is NOT  "steam" ---- simply a cloud of moisture droplets
in colloidal suspension....like clouds in the sky..

The plume"s temperature drops dramatically with the 
rate of expansion.. being released at atmospheric pressure allows
for the rapid cooling & expansion of the condensate cloud.

I"d have opened  the cylinder cocks before we'd reached him...
the noise and the cloud would have enveloped him in warm and very 
damp cloud.   ( Since I was mostly firing, most probably I'd have hollered
                          to Ross for the Cylinder Cocks!!!  
                           He'd have known know what to do!)

Other than wet clothing, the subject would have no case for proving in a
court of law that he had been injured....


Date: 05/09/22 15:43
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: Frisco1522

That's why ballast is made in handy throwing size.

Date: 05/10/22 05:32
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: DavidP

Nice!  I'm biking the C&O towpath and Great Allegheny Passage trails (the one in the foreground) starting from DC May 22.  Have a rest day planned to see the 1309 on the 27th...hoping for better weather than you had. 😀


Date: 05/10/22 11:38
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: gregscholl

Are these photos out of order?
Not sure where the first one is, but its working hard there!
Second looks to be Helmstetters Curve
Third you ID as the Narrows, which would be before Helmstetters.  Can you varify the order, and the first shot location.
Nice mix of steam and coal smoke in these.
Greg Scholl

Date: 05/10/22 14:44
Re: SMOKE on the Mountain
Author: mp208

Pic 1 is Woodcock Hollow Rd. near Barrelville, before Mt. Savage 5/6
Pic 2 is Trimble Rd up from Mt. Savage. 5/6
Pic 3 is Hamster Curve. 5/8
Pic 4 is in the Narrows just east Wills Creek highway bridge.. 5/6

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